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Is Text Analytics Driving Poor CX Decisions?

With business spending projected to grow to $47 billion by 2020, Artificial Intelligence is swiftly embedding itself into all sorts of industries, but for Customer Experience professionals the benefits are particularly heightened - data is power after all. With the promise of deeper understanding through broader customer data, CX professionals are embracing the opportunities AI offers - but with this improved technology, we also have begun to see the limitations of existing widely-used methods and ...

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CIO: Why Your Best Choice for a Data Analyst is a Machine

It's a machine, rather than a human analyst, that might be your best choice to deliver deeper data analysis.

We live in a world with more information created and consumed than ever before. Driven by a need to capture and understand this data, artificial intelligence (AI) has emerged as a competitive advantage for enterprises to commoditise our increasingly tech-centric civilisation, delivering a better and more consistent customer experience (CX) than their competitors.

But as organisations adapt to this new age of information, deeper data analysis and faster and more accessible insights are needed, and it’s a machine, rather than a human analyst, that might be your best choice to deliver them.

Here’s why...

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Ipiphany Product Features

Client Success Story: Major Insurance Organization


One of Touchpoint Group’s insurance clients had invested heavily in a program to capture and ultimately understand what is driving NPS and what isn’t. NPS was declining, particularly in the claim performance space, and the traditional metrics weren’t giving the complete picture as to the root cause of this downward trend.

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CIO Review Best CEM Companies of 2017

CIO Review: Touchpoint Group Ranks in Global Top 20 Most Promising CEM Solution Providers for 2017

The analysis was undertaken by CIO Review Magazine, looking at the capabilities of providers to fulfill the business requirements of today’s Chief Information Officers and that have the right technology and expertise to provide solutions to complex Customer Experience problems. Touchpoint Group offers a strong portfolio of customer-focused SaaS software and supporting CEM services including its ‘World First’ Artificial Intelligence product Ipiphany™ for Cognitive Analytics,

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CIO Review Best CEM Companies of 2017

CIO Review: The Gateway to “Real” Customer Insights

“Great customer experiences are only created when an organization has the capability and culture to embed customer insights into the critical path of its decision making,” begins Mark Thompson, COO of Touchpoint Group. But, this isn’t an easy task to accomplish, the major challenge being a general inability to decipher and contextualize what customers mean – not what they said –

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Corinium: Is Artificial Intelligence an Opportunity or a Threat for Analysts?

Driven by commoditization, the source of competitive advantage for many of today’s organisations has been reduced solely to delivering better and more consistent customer experience than their competitors. But when designing products, services and processes and transforming your organisation to deliver a consistently superior customer experience relies on data analysis, and faster and more accessible insights – what happens when artificial intelligence (AI) is able to match, or even surpass, the human data analyst in your team?

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Corinium: How Artificial Intelligence is Transforming Customer Experience

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is transforming industries from healthcare to retail at a rapid pace. As one of the mass emergent technology trends set to revolutionise business over the coming years, AI poses a unique opportunity for businesses to delve further into data to understand, communicate and deliver...

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Forbes: How Big Data Can Make Australasia Big Money

Auckland-based software company Touchpoint Group recently announced its new AI program called Ipiphany™, aimed at helping enterprises gain deeper insight on the 'Why', behind consumer behavior..."

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Smithsonian.com: How Angry AI Will Train Telemarketers to Handle Angry Real People

"The robot apocalypse will come with the howling fury of an angry customer service call."

There's a special kind of zen required of those who work in customer service. Now, a company in New Zealand wants to design a computer program that can mimic the...

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Popular Science

Popular Science: We've Made Machines Smart--And Now We're Making Them Angry

Phone calls to automated customer service lines inspire a unique brand of ire. Now a New Zealand-based digital marketing company is creating a robot that can mimic our uniquely human wrath in order to help companies better field calls from angry customers...

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CMO: Machine learning project aims to find out what angers customers

The project, which is being funded by Touchpoint, will use artificial intelligence on big data to better understand how organisations can improve customer experience.

A new artificial intelligence project aimed at identifying the brand behaviours and practices that irritate customers the most is being launched in...

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Tech Times

Tech Times: Researchers Aiming To Build 'World's Angriest Robot': Prelude To Judgement Day?

Touchpoint Group, a New Zealand artificial intelligence company, is currently developing the world's angriest robot under the project name Radiant, after the supercomputer featured in the Foundation series of science fiction novels by author Isaac Asimov during the 1950s...

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